Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Jo Healed Brows

Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Jo Soft Powdered BrowsThese beautiful Soft Powdered Brows really help this client define and frame her face, once healed these brows will soften to a soft makeup finish enhancing the eyebrows in a natural makeup look. The colour will soften by upto 70% and the outlines will diffuse leaving a powder finish behind the natural eyebrow hair.


Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Jo Healed BrowsIn this healed picture of Jo’s brows you can see how the colour of the brows has softened to perfectly complement her skin tone and hair colour.






Jo was so happy with her eyebrows and the comfort of the treatment she left me a video testimonial immediately after having her second treatment that you can view here.

With her healed picture she also sent me this little message (always nice to hear from happy clients)-