Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Marion Healed Brows 1

Permanent Brows- Marion Eyebrows

Soft Powder brows will heal and soften over the next 6 weeks to add frame and definition to the face.   Before and after images to show before any permanent makeup and 2 weeks after 2nd treatment showing how soft and natural permanent makeup heals beautifully framing the face with smudge free makeup.   Click…

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Permanent Makeup Upper And Lower Eyelash Enhancement

Permanent Eyeliner- Debbie Eyeliner

This client had previously had her Upper eyeliner done by me about 9 months earlier but here she adds having the lower lash enhancement through the lash line, you can see here in the pictures how immediately after the treatment there’s minimal redness and swelling,its a relatively quick treatment to add the lower eyeliner making…

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Soft Powder Brows 2 weeks healed

Permanent Eyebrows- Darain Eyebrows

This client had had previous permanent makeup done elsewhere and after a thorough consultation had decided she would prefer a soft powdered look. We tweaked the initial shape slightly to give a nicer softer smooth frame to the face. Below you can see how they healed 2 weeks later. Click here to see what my…

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Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Sue Lip Blush

Permanent Lip Treatment- Sue Permanent Lips

These beautiful coral lips will soften to a soft pink/coral blush that when enhanced with a balm will just pop a flash of colour whilst adding definition and contour to the lip line. they will soften by about 70% in colour in the next 6 weeks just leaving a soft tint!   Click here to…

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Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Justine Healed Eyelash Enhancement

Permanent Eyeliner- Justine Lash Enhancement

Here you can see an Eyelash Enhancement which is an ultra fine line through the lash line to add definition to the shape of the eyes and base of the lashes when healed the line will shrink into the lash line leaving a connected line between each lash. Below you can see how beautifully they’ve…

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Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Ross Lash Enhancement

Permanent Eyeliner- Ross Permanent Lash Enhacement

An Eyelash Enhancent is an easy way to add subtle definition to the baseline of the lashes that when healed will just show a darker connection from lash to lash. Achieved within 1-1 1/2 hours can be added to another area without to much discomfort or time out of your day, with additional sessions can…

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Permanent Top Eyeliner Treatment- Angie Top Eyeliner

Angie was really keen to have her Top Eyeliner  treatment done to help reduce the time it takes for her morning makeup routine, in the before pictures you can see how immediately after treatment there’s no redness or swelling and the client looks comfortable. Click here to see a Video Testimonial Angie gave immediately after…

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Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Jo Healed Brows

Permanent Soft Powdered Brows- Jo Soft Powdered Brows

These beautiful Soft Powdered Brows really help this client define and frame her face, once healed these brows will soften to a soft makeup finish enhancing the eyebrows in a natural makeup look. The colour will soften by upto 70% and the outlines will diffuse leaving a powder finish behind the natural eyebrow hair.  …

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Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup- Claire Healed Brows

Permanent Eyebrow Treatment- Claire Eyebrows

When Claire arrived for her Permanent Makeup treatment her original brows were quite uneven and lacked shape so we had to recreate a more defined shape to suit her face. We chose to do a Soft Powder brow to give the look of a natural makeup finish. This picture shows the before and then the…

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