Permanent Lip Procedures

Permanent Lips

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Melanie Aslin Permanent Makeup offers a number of different permanent lip treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements.

Permanent Lip Procedures


The most obvious application of permanent makeup to this area is lining the lips with a subtle colour to give the lip more definition.

But more than this, the application of permanent makeup to the lips can help revitalise the lips by replacing naturally receding colour and appear to increase the volume of the lips by contouring the lips to the perfect shape.

3 different procedures are offered for the lip area:

Lip Liner – Outlining the lips with a Lip Liner in a colour that suits your skin tone, lip colour and life style.

Lip Blush – The lip colour is shaded down from the lip line into the flesh of the lip with Lip Blush, giving the lip a hint of colour. Tonal techniques are applied to the lip with this procedure to give a more pouty and full look to the lips.

Full Lip Colour – The entire lip is saturated with colour Full Lip Colour, and tonal variations give the lip the appearance of fullness and pout.

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