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The most popular question I get asked is ‘What is Microblading’ and quite simply it’s a handheld method for eyebrow tattooing.

Microblades used by Melanie Aslin Permanent MakeupAlthough Microblading is the buzz word at the moment it’s actually been around for hundreds possibly thousands of years originating in Asia, and is the process of using multiple very fine blades attached to a stick making incisions placing pigment under the surface of the skin to create hair stroke looking tattoos through the eyebrows mimicking real hairs.
Through time the tool used has obviously evolved from a twig attached to a blade originally made from a stone to now more tailored sterile tools but the foundations are essentially the same.

Microblading is referred to by various different names – eyebrow embroidery, micro-stroking, hair stroke brows but all are referring to the same technique.

Melanie Aslin Client-17When considering which permanent makeup treatment is best suited to you I would describe Microblading as the absolute most natural looking finish, you can create these very fine hairstrokes to add bulk to your current eyebrows, fill in gaps or add more balance to the natural brow or create an eyebrow if you’ve lost your original eyebrows as a result of medication or an underlying illness but if you’d prefer a more made up look this might not be the technique to best suit you and I can offer you alternate options to help.

Over time, approximately 12months your new eyebrows will need retouching as the hairstrokes will blur and fade, by maintaining them at the right time they will only need an annual booster once a year to 18 months if left much longer than this you may need a brand new treatment again which will require 2 longer sessions and a slightly higher cost.

What is Microblading Client browsOne of the most asked questions after what is Microblading is does it hurt?! So to address this in short yes and no! Initially as the treatment starts it is slightly uncomfortable as it’s a sharp scratching sensation, but after the first few hairs are placed anesthetic cream is applied and the area quickly goes completely numb leading to some clients even falling asleep, I haven’t had a single client find it so uncomfortable they can’t complete the treatment and every client is surprised how comfortable the treatment actually is.

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